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Viva Travis! CD

The Travis Edmonson Collection
#20 (2007)


1 from Travis on Cue:
  Malagueña Salerosa
2 from “Bud and Travis”:
  Florecita De Mi Cielo
3 from Bud and Travis Naturally:
  Se Me Hizo Facil
4 from Perspective on Bud & Travis:
  Que Te Quiero
5/6/7/8 from The Latin Album:
  Asi Canta Mi Patria
  Noche De Ronda
  El Abandonado
  Alma Llanera
9 from The Liar's Hour:
  La Vaquilla Colorada
10 from Perspective on Bud & Travis:
  Maria Cristina
11 from Travis On Cue:
12 from Bud and Travis Naturally:
13 from Travis On Cue:
  La Bamba
14 from Perspective on Bud & Travis:
  Ay, Jalisco
15 from Travis On His Own:
16 from The Latin Album:
  En De Que Te Vi
17 from Perspective on Bud & Travis:
  Ay, Maria
18 from Live at UCSB:
  Canta Marina
19 from Puttin' on the Style:
  Vamos Al Baile
20 from Travis On His Own:
  In Sonora
21 from “Bud and Travis” (debut album):
  Rayito De Luna
21/22 from The Latin Album:
  Sin Ti
  Camminante del Mahab


Issued to celebrate Travis Edmonson's 75th birthday, the CD offers a cross section of his Spanish-language recorded performances not on any other compilation album with cover illustration by   

In response to so many requests for an all-Spanish-language compilation, The Travis Edmonson Collection has taken the occasion of Travis' 75th birthday on September 23, 2007 to issue the Diamond Jubilee Anthology VIVA TRAVIS!  Here are the top 20 Latin numbers he recorded (plus three bonus tracks), including some lesser-known versions of these songs.

Travis has frequently stated that, not only is Malagueña Salerosa his favorite song, but the one he liked singing most.  Unquestionably, through his moving performances, he has warmly transferred such sentiments to his many admirers whose own feelings for the piece have deepened over the years.  

Encompassing everything that is the essence of the classic Latin serenade, Malagueña Salerosa in the hands of Travis Edmonson evokes something that, while from a different language and culture, is both comprehendible and even experienced by North American audiences when he sings it. The rendition selected for this collection is taken from his live album, TRAVIS ON CUE,  recorded at The Troubadour in Los Angeles.

Florecita De Mi Cielo is from the BUD AND TRAVIS debut album, and one of the first gifts to fans from the treasure of Latin music to come from the group over the subsequent years.

When it came to the taverna ballad, there were few gringos who could so authentically deliver the songs of love and loss the way Bud & Travis did, complete with all the appropriate nuances! Se Me Hizo Facil from Bud AND TRAVIS NATURALLY in which the suitor is trying to throw off the memory of the woman who abandoned him, is complemented by Que Te Quiero from PERSPECTIVE ON B&T, where the lover makes no pretense that his world has fallen apart without his cherished one.

From the celebrated LATIN ALBUM are offered   Asi Canta Mi Patria, floridly and emotionally enunciating the myriad qualities of Paraguay, the profound Noche De Ronda, a dark and moving song about the night and the images it can cause one's imagination to generate, and El Abandonado, declaring the male's prerogative to do as he pleases, contrasted by the poetic song of oneness with nature, Alma Llanera.

La Vaquilla Colorada has always been one of the most indispensable  items in Travis Edmonson's repertoire in addition to being an audience favorite as well as his. He says that singing it always makes him feel he's on a horse rounding up cattle, this version being from THE LIAR'S HOUR collaboration with Billy Moore.

The tempo continues to heat up with Maria Christina from PERSPECTIVE, taking a Latin number, and `making it “relevant” to the folk scene of the day. But the tempo can barely get faster than Michaela, performed live at The Troubadour on TRAVIS ON CUE!

Another offering from NATURALLY is the peppery salute to the city of Guadalajara, followed by a reprise from ON CUE, this time with the audience holding Travis back from ending the set as he delivers  La Bamba at full throttle.

The boisterous Ay, Jalisco from PERSPECTIVE, and  Guantanamera, released as one of the first singles by Frank Sinatra's Reprise label display all the fun that Latin music can be in the hands of Travis Edmonson.

En De Que Te V from THE LATIN ALBUM is a tongue twister describing a poor cowboy's attempt to win the heart of a sweet hacienda girl ,  countered by Ay, Maria from PERSPECTIVE, in which the lady love is of a less innocent nature.

A traditional song to end a serenade, Canta Morena is from Travis' solo show LIVE AT UCSB, and a very special version of Vamos Al Baile has been included here, Travis Edmonson's arrangement for The Gateway Singers (and ensemble) done up in a jazzy version unfamiliar to Bud & Travis fans.

The official part of VIVA TRAVIS  concludes with the lyrical  In Sonora  from TRAVIS ON HIS OWN , but because no anthology of  his Spanish-language music would be complete without them, three songs which also appeared on COLLECTORS CHOICE BEST OF BUD & TRAVIS have been included as bonus tracks, the moonlight serenade Rayito de Luna, totally romantic Sin Ti and the haunting song about the Mayan civilization Camminante del Mahab. Travis Edmonson at his most sublime!

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