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A website in loving memory of
Travis Edmonson
September 23, 1932 - May 9, 2009

If one phrase could encapsulate the life of Travis Edmonson, it would be Generosity of Spirit. Though his fame was centered around that  exquisite voice and consummate wit, Travis' greatest power was to vividly inspire those who heard and met him - in that moment and ever afterwards.  He reached out to all with an abundance of giving - in song, deed and thought.  What a precious  gift it was to have this man in our midst. Whenever you feel the warmth of the sun, remember him and feel his presence.

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Travis Edmonson was a gift to the world, enthralling everyone who knew him or heard him sing - as part of Bud & Travis, The Gateway Singers and as a magnetic solo performer.

Not just an entertainer, Travis Edmonson was inevitably also a profound  source of inspiration to those who listened to his music.

Mixing that incredible vocal range with  the ability to profoundly touch the heart or create an instant smile, he consistently drew each member of the largest audience into a direct one-to-one relationship.

Travis Edmonson was at the vanguard of the movement which brought Latin music north of the border with live shows which were not just dazzling, but acknowledged to be electrifying.  And the emotions they generated, as much as sessions playing his recordings, have lingered not merely beyond the afterglow of these experiences, but into decades of preciously coveted memories for all his fans.

About the website

In the MEMORIES section, you'll find some three hundred very special recollections and comments from admirers and friends. (Full-page PROFILES are to be found in the BIOGRAPHY section.)   If you have  your own Travis Edmonson recollection or comment, please do write in to us at the address given on the right.

The RECORDS section is your portal to all the Bud & Travis and solo albums as well as those Travis did with The Gateway Singers. Many individual songs are treated in the SONGS section, and we hope you will enjoy the 90 music samples on this tribute which can be found on the individual album pages.

The FEATURES Section includes a page on the Santa Monica concert, personal recollections from Travis , poetry, articles and a puzzle that was even a challenge to the man himself.  Try it!

There have been numerous exciting projects and events in the new century, and for the latest on these (and recent additions to the website), just go to the NEWS page.

Warmest thanks go to Rose Marie Heidrick (to whom this site is dedicated) and Michael O'Leary for their invaluable assistance with this tribute.

Deepest gratitude comes from all sides to Prof. Charles Philip Thomas for acting as Treasurer of The Travis Edmonson Collection for the past two years, and we hope, many more to come.

We also want to acknowledge with thanks our two star reporters Claudia Yow and Frank Ross (www.streetminstrels.com(.

For their generous support and encouragement of the CD Collection, we must also recognize the late, and very much missed  Fred Sharp www.styl.org who was father to, and inspiration behind the CD Collection, as well as Dr. Elizabeth Woolsey Herbert www.horsedoctor.org for her financing of the project, and Neil Gunter of Gunter Sounds Studio www.guntersounds.com   for his outstanding engineering work

and most of all, to Travis Edmonson, our decades of appreciation for his beautiful music, and for just being his wonderful self.