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Welcome to Folk Beat!

This website has been established to archive recollections  of the great folk era through the first-person experiences of artists, club personnel and related individuals who lived through those heady and unforgettable times.

The Folk Memories Archive is intended primarily to serve entertainers and their associates - to share and preserve memories, and very importantly, to provide a place where people who have lost contact over intervening years may reconnect.

All sorts of contributions are welcome, from brief descriptions of individual incidents to longer pieces, such as profiles, background material, commentary,  reminiscences, etc.  It's the place for discussion on all sorts of related subjects - like the definition of folk music, audiences, record companies, why the boom started and why tastes changed.  Any informed remarks are most welcome!

Think of as the cyber equivalent of one of those late night/early morning coffee houses where performers would gather around the fire after their shows and exchange gossip and gripes, experiences and opinions.

Off the subject of tangibles, we can't resist  mentioning that the vibes attached to this project can only be described as “bubbling”     

Have a look around, and please do join us.  Just click the CONTACT link below.

If you have a comment, memory or enquiry, type out the address below as recipient in a message blank and PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS when dropping us a line at
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nrico Banducci's hungry i lives again!
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Dan Bellack o performing with

Marilyn Berner (The Iopan Coffee House) on

Les Blank on
The Golden Bear in Huntington Beach

Barbara Dane on

Bonnie Dobson on

Travis Edmonson  on
Stan Wilson     
Lenny Bruce     

Dolan Ellis (New Christy Minstrels) on

Don Gold on

Jay Greer on

Dian James on

Jonathan Karesh on

Terrea Lea on
The Garret     

Betty Mann (Gateway Trio) on

Pat McCaskey on

Ed Michel on

Don Robertson on

Karl Scott on

Gene Smith on

John Thomas (Channel Singers) on

Tony Townsend on

Lou Gottlieb     
Apres Ski and Folk